Introducing our innovative sampling unit

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4. juni 2024 | PanPac Engineering A/S

With precision engineering and a nice design, our sampling unit enables you to collect valuable product data effortlessly.

The sampler can be installed in the bottom of the buffer hopper and is designed to extract weight adjustable samples of each bigbag batch in the integrated bigbag filling system, in bottles or other containers. It can also be installed in other type of filling machines where reliable sampling is required.

The PanPac sampling unit, which is applicable in many industries and for most products, ensures that your data is representative and reliable, whether it is powder or granules.

For more information about our sampler, please contact our Sales Director, Hans-Henrik Brusholt,

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PanPac Engineering A/S

PanPac Engineering er en innovativ automationsvirksomhed i Nordjylland med en årelang erfaring indenfor automatisering af pakkelinjer til industrien.

Vores kernekompetence er robotpalletering af småsække, og fuldautomatisering af fyldeanlæg til bigbags.

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