ProcesScan™ 2

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12. juni 2024 | FOSS

ProcesScan™ 2 is a fully automated, on-line FTIR solution for standardization of milk and liquid dairy products with superior accuracy and speed. ProcesScan 2 offers a best-in-class solution for continuous and simultaneous analysis of milk composition parameters. Learn how to hit your targets continuously, ensure predictable performance and secure uptime.

Where can you analyse:
In the production line: Close to the mixer, the blending unit or off the separator standardization.

What can you analyse:
Milk and liquid dairy products.

Protein, fat, total solids, solids-non-fat (SNF), and lactose.

Analysis time:
Continuous analysis with results every 10 seconds.


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FOSS is the world's leading provider of analytical instruments for the global food and agricultural sector. Working in partnership with the dairy industry, FOSS keeps you ahead of the game with new analysis options for improved business opportunities. For instance, FOSS analytical solutions have proven significant for raw milk testing, milk standardization in dairy production and verification of end-product quality.

FOSS has 1500 employees at development and manufacturing sites in Denmark and China and 28 sales and service companies worldwide.

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