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3. juli 2023 | Xtellio/Xtel Wireless

Get data on actual consumption of energy

Focus efforts to lower energy consumption through insights from
Wireless M-Bus meters that are read by our Metering Xentral. Will also ease the documentation of CO2 footprints.


Discover wear on rotating parts

Avoid production downtime via early warnings from the wireless Accelerometer Xense which can detect vibrations in e.g. rotating machinery.


Monitor ambient production environment

Use our Air Quality Xense or Xentral to stay in control of parameters that might impact product quality and result in downtime and discarded materials.


Machine activity and status monitoring

Connect digtial/analogue inputs or RS232 connections to learn more
about machine status and run-time e.g. for service planning and remote


Measure temperature in a specific point

Our Thermocouple Xense can measure extreme temperatures at a specific
point. The sensor is easy to move around as it sends data via Bluetooth.

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Xtellio/Xtel Wireless

Xtellio er en uafhængig leverandør af standardløsninger inden for IoT sensorenheder, dataindsamling og cloud med massiv erfaring inden for IoT enheder, software- og hardwareudvikling samt produktion.

Kernekompetencerne drejer sig om batteridrevne sensorer og trådløse teknologier, der gør det muligt at generere og indsamle datapunkter, der videresendes til partner-/kundebearbejdning via cloud-baserede API'er.

Organisationen har i mange år leveret utallige prisvindende løsninger, og det er på denne grundlag, at Xtellio har lanceret standardiserede trådløse moduler, der hurtigt kan implemen

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