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4. juli 2023 | CCM Electronic Engineering Aps

PCB testing is important in the PCB assembly industry as it can avoid many problems and save costs during production. Each component should be tested to ensure no faults or errors that could cause the board to fail on function.

With years of experience in testing PCB boards, we provide customized test solutions for various PCB boards and electronic products. To meet manufacturers' demands, our turnkey test solutions include but are not limited to –

• Microcontroller programming for DUT
• Interchangeable fixture and steel cabinet
• Panel PC, Fanless PC, ensuring many years of operation without stopping
• NI LabVIEW / TestStand Software
• National Instruments Vision Development module
• 24-bit analog inputs for ultra-precise measurements
• Only industrial components are used to increase MTBF and minimize unplanned downtime
• Documentation and source code are included to support maintenance

If you are interested, check one of our solutions in the video - the PCB test station which tests two PCBs simultaneously.

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CCM Electronic Engineering Aps

CCM Electronic Engineering tilbyder en bred vifte af ingeniørekspertise og leverer brugerdefinerede nøglefærdige testsystemer. Vi begejstrer vores kunder med de bedst tænkelige løsninger til kvalitetssikring af kundens produkter.

CCM er ISO 9001:2015 certificeret. Vi har en gruppe NI(National Instruments) certificerede softwareingeniører (LabView Architect, LabVIEW Developers og TestStand Developer), og erfarne mekanikingeniører og elektronikingeniører klar til det næste projekt.

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