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Wiring safety devices can be a major challenge in an industrial automation setting. But the new Pizzato BC series passive distribution box makes the job simple: this device can be used to connect various safety devices with a male 8-pole M12 connector, making wiring tidier and more efficient.

Fast and efficient wiring

One of the main features of the BC series passive distribution box is that it can be used to group various input and output signals together in one single 19-pole or 12-pole connection using a cable or M23 connector.
This really simplifies the wiring and makes it much tidier. What’s more, the BC series passive distribution box lets you replace devices easily, making the maintenance jobs fast and simple.

Improved power distribution

The distribution box not only simplifies wiring, but it also improves power distribution. Compared to typical series connections, with this device you can connect a higher number of NG/NS switches without voltage drops.
This means that reliable power distribution to connected devices can be guaranteed, ensuring proper system operation.

Technical features and other advantages

The BC series passive distribution box has a number of technical features that makes it the ideal choice for applications on industrial automation systems.
These include:

- Status signalling: The integrated LEDs immediately indicate the state of every connected device, simplifying supervision and monitoring.

- IP67 protection degree: The compact and totally sealed housing of the distribution box provides complete protection against the intrusion of dust or liquids, making it suitable for any working environment.

- Several I/O variants available: The BC series includes various I/O models allowing flexibility of connection with a vast range of safety devices.

The Pizzato BC series passive distribution box simplifies wiring, improves power distribution and offers a series of technical advantages that make it the ideal choice for industrial automation.

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