Variable Speed Drive CFW900

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WEG Scandinavia AB

The CFW900 is a high-tech VSD for driving and controlling three-phase induction and permanente magnet motors. It offers excellent static and dynamic performance and highly precise torque, speed and position control. It can be used in a wide range of applications due to its high overload capacity. Thanks to its technology, the CFW900 variable speed drive provides energy savings, safety, increased productivity and quality in the process network in which it is implemented.

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WEG Scandinavia AB

Founded in 1961, in the State of Santa Catarina (South of Brazil), nowadays WEG is a company with global implementation. The manufacture of electric motors was in the origin of the Company, but today WEG is a global supplier of solutions, control systems, control and protection of Motors and systems of Distribution and Energy Transformation.

WEG in numbers
- 39.000 employees worldwide
- 4.300 engineers
- 70.000 motors produced per day
- 1 million square meters --> largest industrial plant for electric motors in the world

52 manufacturing sites in 15 countries in 4 continents

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