ZetesOlympus – Unbroken traceability from production to consumer

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ZetesOlympus is the central component of Zetes’ Collaborative Supply Chain Suite. Acting as a unified repository of data, it can interface with different sources of information, across the enterprise and beyond, enabling to establish at all times what has happened, when, where and by whom.

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Zetes is an international Group highly specialised in supply chain identification & mobility solutions. Connecting what matters is at the heart of our business: physical movements and digital flows, our customers and their critical data, but also consumers and corporations, citizens and governments. By using the most innovative technologies, we help our customers to improve speed, quality and accuracy in order to be on the leading edge of their industry. This has made us a pioneering leader on our market.

Zetes has almost 40 years of expertise in supply chain improvement & optimization. Sin

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