ClinoStar™ - High-Tech Incubator for Functional 3D Cell Culture

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14. august 2023 | Develco A/S

CelVivo’s new user-friendly CO₂ incubator ClinoStar™ is technologically of a very high quality and with precise motor control and climate regulation enabling functional 3D cell culture which among other things can be used for tests of medicines or other research at universities and research laboratories. The incubator ClinoStar™ consists of 6 independent motors for controlling the 6 bioreactors called ClinoReactors. Develco has developed electronics, hardware, and embedded software for the incubator ClinoStar™.


“Being a part of CelVivo’s network, the choice of Technology Development Partner naturally fell on Develco. For CelVivo, the co-operation with Develco has been a very good match between cell biology and technology. The collaboration has been based on trust, responsibility, and the best decisions with ongoing preparation of requirements specifications throughout the development process. CelVivo wanted a rapid product development and market introduction of ClinoStar™. And at Develco, there has not been a long way from idea to action and development of the best and cost-effective solutions. Develco has been involved in the entire process with ClinoStar™ from the first product idea to product development and on to production management of ClinoStar™, for which Develco is also responsible. After the introduction of ClinoStar™ CelVivo is one of the leading suppliers of systems for 3D functional cell culture. We can only recommend Develco as a responsible development partner with a rapid and sharp project management of both product development and production management“, says Søren Alnøe, COO at CelVivo.

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