Combilent Telephone Line Monitor for Critical Communication Systems

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14. august 2023 | Develco A/S

Combilent’s Radio Frequency conditioning products are used to monitor the quality of analog telephone lines in critical communication systems. Analog telephone phone lines can be defective making it difficult to get the desired analog signals from a to b. With "Telephone Line Monitor" Combilent can analyze and present the quality of the signals from the analogue telephone lines.

For Combilent Develco has developed the new monitoring equipment for analog telephone lines that measures and analyzes the analog signals in a digital domain to determine the quality of the signals. Develco has participated in the concept and the development phase in developing the electronic printed circuit board and the embedded software for monitoring analog telephone lines.


"Normally we develop our own new product solutions, but owing to lack of time we needed external resources to develop the electronic printed circuit board and the embedded software for monitoring analog telephone lines. After reading a professional advertisement I contacted Develco as they had the right competences for the development of our new listening equipment. My decision was right. In the development process we have had a good dialogue at the development meetings with continuous status reports. We are very satisfied with the finished technical solution and the test report as the termination of the development project", says Jesper Trier, Sales Director at Combilent.

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