Magnetic field indicators MFI

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19. september 2023 | SEKELS GmbH

MFI are passive indicators that irreversibly change their color/structure when certain magnetic field strengths are exceeded. You can e.g. B. can be used to detect (illegal) attempts at manipulation with permanent magnets, or as proof of whether freight has been exposed to larger magnetic fields.

The indicators have dimensions of 29x11x1.5 mm and can be glued either outside or “behind glass” on the unit to be protected. The change in color or structure takes place in approx. 30 seconds if the limit field strength is only slightly exceeded, and immediately if it is exceeded significantly. This change is irreversible and can be determined beyond doubt by visual inspection.

In addition to the psychological and actual protection of various meters (electricity, water, gas), other applications are conceivable, e.g. B. also prove whether people were exposed to certain field strengths (constant magnetic fields). Indicators with a limiting field strength of 10 kA/m react to relatively weak fields, such as those found in. B. be generated by ferrite magnets at some distance. For the indicators to respond with a limit field strength of 280 kA/m, field strengths are necessary that can only be generated with strong industrial magnets.

Passive indicator with no moving parts, no power supply required
Reliable detection of field strengths above the triggering field strength
Easy to use, even retrospectively
High psychological inhibition threshold against illegal manipulation attempts
Temperature range -40 °C … 70 °C, resistant to steam and running water

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