MENNEKES Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co.

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Kirchhundem, GERMANY

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The MENNEKES Group is a leading manufacturer of industrial plugs, connectors and eMobility charging solutions. Since 2014, our „type 2“ charging plug is the standard for e-vehicles throughout Europe by EU law. Founded in 1935, our family-owned company is present in over 90 countries with subsidiaries and agencies. Our company has around 1,600 employees.
We are producing plugs, connectors, receptacles and receptacle combinations in different designs. Our robust, durable solutions are used wherever electricity needs to flow safely and stable – for example in industry, tunnels and at railway stations, mining and shipyards, container ports, data centres, for fire brigades and civil protection and at events of all kind. In the field of eMobility MENNEKES offers suitable solutions and the infrastructure for the mobility of the future: charging cables with “type 2” plug, intelligent charging columns and wallboxes as well as billing services and a trained partner network – for home, industry, commerce and the public sector. For the automotive industry we are manufacturing vehicle charging inlets and charging cables for e-cars.

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