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MENNEKES Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co.

A family for every application

In industry, on the construction site, at events, in shipbuilding or in railway stations and server centres - electricity must be distributed in a safe and flexible manner in all places and under the harshest conditions. We have packaged our accumulated CEE know-how for you in the PowerTOP® Xtra family. The robust, durable plugs and sockets "made in Germany" are available from 16 to 125 A. Many of these devices have been tried and tested for years and are in reliable use all over the world.

Ergonomics rethought - safe handling and long service life

A special design and robust materials ensure that you can use our PowerTOP® Xtra plugs and sockets safely and conveniently under the most demanding conditions and give the products an extra long service life. Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the housing, the knobbed grip zones and the knobbed, rubber-coated cable gland, the plugs and sockets are easy to grip, perfectly slip-resistant in the hand - even in damp and wet conditions - and can be plugged and unplugged thousands of times. With the 63 and 125 A plugs and sockets, the cable gland docks directly onto the cover - which makes it particularly easy to keep the surfaces of the plug and connector clean.
Our plugs and sockets have a built-in opening aid on theconnector, which you can use to conveniently open and hold the hinged lid. In addition, the plugs and sockets have a twist lock between the front part and the cover - this means that you can lock them securely and quickly without screws. In the 63 and 125 A plugs and connectors (protection class IP 67), the seals in the connector lid and in the front part of the plug are also moulded on - and therefore permanently captive.
Ergonomics rethought - powerful extras for additional protection
Protection against dust and water: Our 16 and 32 A plugs and sockets comply with protection class IP 54, while the 63 and 125 A products conform to protection classes IP 44 or IP 67. Protection against aggressive substances and high humidity: Our 63 and 125 A plugs and sockets are equipped with highly heat-resistant contact carriers and optionally with nickel-plated contacts. The contact pins on the plugs are also nickel-plated. The 5-pin plugs and sockets on the 16 and 32 A devices are optionally available as a PowerTOP® Xtra R variant with the same robust features.

Simple and safe connection with ErgoCONTACT® and SafeCONTACT
Our 63 and 125 A plugs and sockets are equipped with screw contact connection technology. ErgoCONTACT®, the specially developed, innovative and convenient screw contact connection technology, is available for plugs and connector in 16 and 32 A. This allows safe and easy, ergonomically sound installation: in this case the screwdriver is not applied from the side, but straight on - in this way the screw pressure is directed into the handle. The screw trajectory is also supported by a guide collar. This prevents slipping and minimises the risk of injury. Only one screw is needed per contact - a captive combination head screw that is permanently integrated in the guide collar and can be operated with both a Phillips and a slotted screwdriver. All screws point in the same direction. This means that you no longer have to turn the front part by hand in order to tighten the contact screws of the individual poles one after the other - thus saving time.

Our 16 and 32 A plugs and sockets are also available in the PowerTOP® Xtra S version with SafeCONTACT, the screwless insulation displacement connection technology. In this case you no longer have to strip or pretreat the conductors - which saves more than half the usual connection time as well as later maintenance!

Convenient assembly - with minimal use of tools

We have perfected the assembly process for our PowerTOP® Xtra family even further: with the aid of the self-locating thread of the housing, a locking slide and the cable gland, you can assemble our plugs and sockets easily and quickly with just a few tools.

Energy-saving plugging and unplugging - with X-CONTACT®

All PowerTOP® Xtra connectors are equipped with our contact sleeve technology: X-CONTACT®. The sleeves are slotted in the shape of an X and are made of resilient, elastic material. Hence, when plugging in, the pin of the plug simply pushes open the contact sleeve opening of theconnector. This makes it particularly easy for you to connect and disconnect plugs and couplings - with up to 50 percent less effort! Even with high currents of 63 and 125 A, you can connect or disconnect the plug and connector all by yourself.
On the PowerTOP® Xtra connectors in 63 and 125 A, the inner walls of the X-CONTACT® sleeves are also grooved. The combination of internal grooves, resilient material and slots in the sleeves ensure that the plug and connector are mated in an optimal, secure manner. And: Due to the nature of the contact sleeves, dirt and surface corrosion rub off automatically when plugging and unplugging. Even with rough handling and frequent plugging and unplugging under load, there are no signs of wear and the material remains fatigue-free. This means that you can use our PowerTOP® Xtra plugs and sockets "made in Germany" safely and reliably for many years.

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MENNEKES Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co.

The MENNEKES Group is a leading manufacturer of industrial plugs, connectors and eMobility charging solutions. Since 2014, our „type 2“ charging plug is the standard for e-vehicles throughout Europe by EU law. Founded in 1935, our family-owned company is present in over 90 countries with subsidiaries and agencies. Our company has around 1,600 employees.
We are producing plugs, connectors, receptacles and receptacle combinations in different designs. Our robust, durable solutions are used wherever electricity needs to flow safely and stable – for example in industry, tunnels and at railway sta

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